Matching your earrings to your fascinator

Tips for matching your earrings to your fascinator

Here, Emily Tebbutt from Ramsdens Jewellery offers her top tips for picking out the perfect
earrings to complement your fascinator.

If you’re preparing to attend a friend’s wedding or are putting together your Ladies’ Day
outfit, you may have decided to wear a fascinator.

Headpieces are great for adding an extra dash of glamour to an outfit for special occasions but, when you aren’t used to wearing such an extravagant accessory, you might have some trouble putting the rest of your outfit

But, there are some tricks you can use, which will help you to create a stunning look you’re
proud of. And, picking out the perfect pair of earrings will help, so I’m going to share my top
tips for doing that here.

Opt for a metal that complements the colour of your fascinator


When you’re choosing the jewellery that you’re going to pair with your fascinator, you need
to think carefully about what type of metal is going to work best. This will usually be
determined by the colour of your headpiece.

As a general rule of thumb, I would recommend opting for silver if you’re wearing a cool-
toned outfit, and gold or rose gold if your ensemble is on the warmer side. So, for example,
if your fascinator is blue, green, or grey, some sparkling silver hoops could work well. Or, if
you’ve chosen a pink, coral, or red headpiece, some gold studs will work wonderfully.

Go all out with one or the other

When doing our make-up, we all know it’s best to go with a bold lip or eye, but not both ⁠—
and, the same applies to your fascinator and earrings. You’ll want to create a sense of
balance so your outfit doesn’t look too chaotic or basic, so I’d recommend going all out with
your fascinator and playing down your earrings, or vice versa.

So, for example, if you’ve opted for a headpiece that’s on the more extravagant side, a
simple pair of studs will complement your look without distracting from the star of the
show. But, if you’re keeping your hat quite simple, you’ll have more room to let your
earrings do the talking: a beautiful pair of drop earrings or some eye-catching hoops will
look great.

Choose pieces that have a similar style

Lastly, in order to give your outfit a cohesive look, you’ll want to stick with a particular
theme or style. So, if your dress and fascinator have a vintage edge to them, some old-
school pearl studs or drop earrings will work well. But, if you’ve chosen a piece that’s quite
sleek and modern, it’s best to pick out some earrings that reflect this. I would recommend
opting for an angular pair of silver earrings, as they’ll have an almost futuristic look.

If you’ve never worn a fascinator before, you might not know where to start with choosing accessories that will help to pull your look together.

But, with these tips, you should have no problem finding the perfect pair of earrings to complement your chosen headpiece.

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